Love Running - Hate Training? Try Our New Training Plan PART 1

March 23, 2018

Training for anything is always hard and if you don't know where to begin it can be even worse.  At #TeamCalvert we want to help all our runners get off to the best start they can, so we have created a 12-week beginners training plan to help you out.

Step 1; Pick a Run

Now, this may sound obvious but choosing to run and fundraise can be a big commitment. So pick which run you feel is achievable for you. If you want to find out what runs are available then contact our Fundraising Team who will be able to advise what run would most suit you.

Step 2; Build a Base

Before you go out and try to run 13 miles, think about building a strong groundwork for the training that is to come. Most training plans, including ours, start with the runner being able to run 3 miles or 5k.  Listen to your body and take things easy to begin with, check out the brilliant couch to 5k method to get your training underway.

Step 3; Find a buddy

From now on you will probably be out running 3-4 times a week, this can sometimes be lonely so why not find a training buddy. Get them to sign up to #TeamCalvert and start training together.

Once you reach your 5k target and are ready for the next stage visit Part 2 of this blog to find out how to turn your 5k into a half marathon! Part 2 is now available here.

If you would like a 12 week plan to help get you started and half-marathon ready then downlaod out programme here.

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