North Star Alpaca's visit Calvert Trust Kielder for Dementia Adventure

March 26, 2018

In March we were delighted to welcome another visit from Dementia Adventure who arrange holidays and breaks for those living with dementia and their families.

During  their visit, guests took part in several activities including canoeing across the Kielder Water, a trip to Hexham, afternoon tea at The Carriages in Bellingham and a visit from two gorgeous alpaca brothers.

3-year-old Malek and 2-year-old Sammy were introduced to our guests, who were given a brief talk about their life on the North Star farm in Durham. From there, the group was split in two, with group 1 going for a walk with Sammy and Malek, and group two using alpaca fur to create art.

See the video below of the Dementia Adventure group's time with Sammy and Malek.

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