Love Running - Hate Training PART 2

March 31, 2018

Training for anything is always hard and if you don't know where to begin it can be even worse.  At #TeamCalvert we want to help all our runners get off to the best start they can, so we have created a 12-week beginners training plan to help you out.

In our last blog we discussed how to get yourself ready for training with a solid base and a running buddy. From there you are ready to move on to training for a half marathon, such as the Great North Run.

Step 4; Quality over Quantity

As you start to train, you should be out running 3-4 times a week. Weekdays your runs should be 3 -4 miles or up to 40 minutes, whilst weekends should see you pushing your distances and going on longer runs. Every other week look to increase your distance by about 1.5 miles until you are running 11 miles at the weekend.

Step 5; It's not just Running

Whilst running is the main activity, on your three rest days look to other lighter exercise such as cross training and aerobic classes. These will help with your fitness levels and your running. Also remember to rest, especially the last two weeks before an event, slow your pace down so that your body does not get over fatigued before a big event.

Step 6; Learn the Course

Research the courses you chose and amend your training to fit in with this. For instance, the Great North Run has two big hills to climb. Don't get caught out through inexperience, do your research and then train appropriately so that on race day your pace is not affected.

Step 7; Interval and Pacing Runs

Try pacing and interval running during your weekday runs to help power your training forward. Interval running builds aerobic fitness, strength and speed. Run at a fast pace for a set time or distance and then walk/jog for the same time/distance before running again. Do this for the whole 40-minute run. During your training sessions, run at a comfortably hard pace for 15-20 minutes to help build your efficiency and endurance.

If you would like a 12 week plan to help get you started and half-marathon ready then downlaod out programme here. Want to put these seven steps into practive, then why not join #teamCalvert in the Great North Run or Virgin Money London Marathon.

To find out more contact our team on +44 (0)1434 250232

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