The uniquely beautiful and uplifting Kielder is home to Europe's largest working forest, northern Europe’s largest man-made lake and is the official home of the UK’s darkest night skies.

Each year the Forestry Commission plant 3.5 million new trees in Kielder, home to countless deer, squirrels and birds of prey and flanking the 27 mile shoreline of Kielder Water’s 200 billion litres of water.

This is our home – and we invite you to join us. 

Calvert Kielder is open to all.

We love giving our guests time-out and the opportunity to access a range of inspiring and increasingly challenging experiences and activities - from the serene to the scintillating. Find out more...

Calvert Trust Kielder is respected globally as a leading provider of outdoor experiences for disabled people.
Our disabled guests, their friends and families experience the same emotions and experiences as any other guest inside our safe, inclusive, uniquely challenging facility. Find out more...

SkyDen is the world famous Calvert Kielder and TV's George Clarke (Amazing Spaces) tree house collaboration.
SkyDen's whole-opening roof allows a unique star-gazing experience - from your bed! Find out more...

The UK's first and only Residential Respite Care offering that combines highest-level care and outdoor activities for disabled people with respite for the carer.
A unique opportunity for both carer and cared-for to offer the gift of freedom to each other, simultaneously. Find out more...

For more information please visit our website at http://www.calvert-trust.org.uk/kielder, call our Sales Team anytime on +44(0)1434 250 232 or email sales@calvert-kielder.com to explore visiting us. We really look forward to learning more about you and seeing you very soon.


Kielder Quest 2016