Reid Davit Crane Lifts Personnel at Outdoor Activity Centre

September 07, 2018

A Reid Lifting davit crane has been installed at Calvert Trust Kielder to help guests to access water sports on Kielder Water. The 150kg capacity T-Davit was installed on a jetty in the spring and has performed successfully throughout the centre’s busy summer months.

The lightweight, aluminium davit, known for its portability in other applications, is permanently fixed to the wharf by a special attachment. It works in tandem with a Voyager portable hoist, rated at the same capacity for personnel lifting.

The davit is used almost on a daily basis to allow people with various disabilities to take part in sailing and canoeing sessions. Two attachments on the winch are connected to a special harness that holds visitors securely at four points on their shoulders and legs; many will have accessed the wharf in a wheelchair. The hoist slides along the davit arm as personnel are lifted from the jetty onto watercraft and vice versa.

To find out more about this new hoist please see the full article here.

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