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November 28, 2017

Kate is a beautiful young woman.  You’d never know from her photo that she can’t lift her head off her pillow in the morning until her blood pressure regulates; that she needs help to bathe and dress; that she dreams of being able to go to work but just walking across her bedroom can leave her exhausted.

Kate is 23 years old and has been suffering from ME for ten years.  Four years ago she was diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. Put simply, this means that the collagen in her body is too stretchy which leads to regular dislocation of her joints and affects her digestive system.

The additional complications of these illnesses mean Kate needs 24-hour care, and her parents must be on constant alert as her condition can change rapidly.

Kate and her parents have been trying for nearly a decade to find some form of respite care which would be beneficial to all of them, so thanks to the generous support of a local business, when an opportunity arose for Kate to spend a few days at Calvert Trust Kielder, the family were thrilled.

“My parents deserve a break and I need to "get out of my room, disconnect from my phone, breathe some fresh air and enjoy nature".

Kate was naturally nervous about staying away from home but the relaxation of nature walks, craft sessions and motor cruising soon gave her the confidence to try the more adventurous king swing and zip wire.

"This has been an incredible trip and I will never forget what an amazing time I’ve had.  I loved having carers around me who were not only good at their job but who also love their job.  I loved the adrenalin rushes of the activities and the peace and quiet of this beautiful location.

I stayed away from home and not only survived but actually enjoyed it!  I managed to get the right balance of rest and stimulation, which I can't even do at home, and I think that was probably my biggest achievement.  I’ve found my safe place and I love it.”

Saying 'Thank you' just doesn't seem enough; I was given an opportunity to have a week of doing something for me, and my parents were able to spend some valuable time together.  For this, we will always be eternally grateful".

You can read more about Kate's stay here and to donate to our Christmas Appeal please click HERE.

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