Kate's Respite Stay - Part 1

August 21, 2017

Kate Stanforth was invited to stay in Calvert Trust Kielder's respite for a week of care, courtesy of Rosedale Leasing’s charity of the Year initiative. During her stay, Kate was able to experience a holiday like no other, where she could stay, rest and play throughout the week. Kate found her own independence through being away by herself for the first time, she was in full control and free to make her own decisions.
Kate is 22 Years old and has a number of chronic, life changing, illnesses; She looks at life with a different perspective. Kate and Calvert Trust Kielder first came to know each other through Kate’s volunteering at Calvert Trust Kielder’s events, such as The Calvert Ball and Family Festival.
Follow Kate’s story through the following weeks to discover how her holiday went, in her own words.

Here is part one of Kate’s stay;

Who are they?

Now, a little about each one.  Calvert Trust Kielder  is a registered charity and it isn't just any respite break. They encourage guests of all abilities to achieve their potential through outdoor adventure. Located in Kielder Water Forest & Park, it is a beautiful setting with lots of opportunities to do various activities from crafts to zip wiring. For the respite care, they have special activities like themed weeks throughout the year and staff really go the extra mile to adapt to the needs and likes of each guest.

I met the 
Rosedale Leasing team for an hour before my respite and I honestly have never met such a lovely bunch of enthusiastic staff. With such a great atmosphere, and being such a charitable company, I was thrilled to support them in their (huge) fundraising mission they had to tackle! They will be doing parachute jumps, Great North Run, fairs, auctions and whatever else they have up their sleeves - I cannot wait. The bubbly team are well on their way with their target, so I'll keep you update on that!

Why did I go?

We have been pushing for nearly a decade to get some form of respite care, more so to give my parents a break. It's hard for people who don't know me very well, or who might just follow on social media, to see how my illness really affects me. I do tend to give a very 'positive' view online (although not in person sometimes!) so it's difficult to see. I am classed as needing 24h care, I have to have regular checks if I'm not with someone and things can change with me very fast. So because of this my parents always have to be on 'alert'. So, it was time they had a break. So much so, when I was collected, the driver thought my mum was the one going for respite she looked that tired (sorry mum!) so it was really needed. I needed it too. I needed to get out of my room, disconnect from my phone/Project Parent/helping people, breathe some fresh air and enjoy nature. Most importantly, I wanted to really test my anxiety with staying away from home too - this was a huge step for me as I haven't been away without my mum in about 4 years so I wanted to try. Oh, and I love outdoor activities so this was so perfectly matched.
Follow Kate's stay on our blog in the coming weeks, to see how she coped with being away from home, a new environment and the thrill of activities, she never thought she would be allowed to do.
Find out more about Kate on her blog.

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