#TeamCalvert Yorkshire Marathon

October 23, 2017

On 8 October 2017, #TeamCalvert runner, Matthew took on his first ever marathon in York. Matthew has written about his experience of the day.

I have run the Great North Run for the last four years, and I have loved every minute of it. My first run was done with only 10 weeks training but once I had completed it, I knew I was hooked. The challenge of beating my previous year's time has become a constant competitive goal that I just can't help to try and beat.  However, as I did each half marathon I began to think could I do more? Could I run further? and so last year I decided to set myself a challenge to run a marathon before I was thirty!

When my training began  I was confident that this challenge would be easy, but as time worn on life got more and more in the way and training started taking a back seat to other matters, yet I never stopped and I kept on pushing, with the help of my wife, my training never fully stopped.

Come race day, I was so nervous, suddenly the distance seemed insurmountable, but then I remembered my trip to Calvert Trust Kielder and all the challenges their guests have overcome and I knew it could be done.

A marathon is not just physical endurance but a mental game as well. As I set off, although nervous I was confident I could complete this distance. Through York City was great, with big crowds cheering us runners on, however, we were soon out on our own and left with only our thoughts for company.

 I enjoyed the first half and made a good time, better in fact then my previous Great North Runs, however, fatigue soon crept up on me and my feet soon began to resent the constant pavement pounding. At mile 17, I saw my wife and was able to grab some jelly beans and a prep talk before I was back out on the road.

The last 10 miles were so hard, and my body just wanted to stop but I kept on pushing and when I saw that finish line ran as fast as I could (which probably wasn't very fast).

Crossing that finish line was the biggest sense of achievement, and I am so proud to know that I completed it. And it made me realise that at Calvert Trust Kielder every guest that goes there, leaves with that same sense of accomplishment, pride and self-satisfaction that comes from challenging yourself.

I have taken my Cub Scout group a couple of times and have seen them tackle the High Ropes and face their fears on the King Swing, and I am so happy that I was able to join #TeamCalvert and help other children and adults experience what I did crossing that finish line.

All at Calvert Trust Kielder are so proud of Matthew and all of #TeamCalvert's achievements during 2017 and would like to say a big Thank You to all of them for helping us continue our great work.

If you would like to join #TeamCalvert please contact our Fundraising Team on +44 (0)1434 250232.

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