Pikachu Falkous Family Adventure

October 25, 2017

When the Falkous family finished their holiday, no one wanted to leave and go home. However, they packed there bags and drove away full of happy memories and excitement for the next time they would return. However, not all members of the Falkous family left that day in the car and one sneaky member stayed behind to carry on the holiday once the others had left.

Pikachu Falkous, did not want to leave and have his holiday end, so after this family had gone his adventures continued....

He began his day by swimming and playing chess, before going for a bike ride around Kielder.

Then, in the afternoon Pikatchu was off with the activity team sailing, all safetly wrapped up in his life jacket.

By the end of the day P)ikachu was ready to be back with his family, so after a quick phone call home, we made sure he got home safely. We can't wait to have him bvack and see what his next adventures will be.

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