Underrated and under appreciated - over half of disabled people feel excluded from society

August 23, 2018

Disability charity Scope has reported that twenty years after the equality act, over half of disabled working-age adults still feel excluded from society.

The report, based on 2,000 working-age disabled adults showed that 49% felt excluded from society, that 41% didn't feel valued and that less than half think of the UK as a good place for disabled people.

Scope reported that more must be done by businesses, individuals and councils to create change and to become disability game-changers.

Max Stainton, who was born with Cerebral Palsy and is supporting the campaign, spoke to Sky News correspondent Lisa Holland and explained why he felt the need to climb Mount Everest just to prove he was 'just like everyone else'.

When discussing closer to home, Mr Stainton reported how difficult just going out with friends or work colleagues can be, from taking a different tube journey to everyone else, or to not being able to access a venue due to stairs.

So, many businesses can make simple changes to create an easier more accessible environment. At Calvert Trust Kielder, we fully support Scope's new campaign and will continue to make our environment welcoming to all.

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