Easter Appeal - Mrs Madhouse comes to Calvert Trust Kielder

March 19, 2018

Calvert Trust Kielder has just launched an Easter appeal and we would love you to read our story and visit our Justgiving appeal page.

Linda-Jo brought her family to stay at Calvert Trust Kielder for a holiday and has written about what it means to her.

“As a parent, you have a yearning to share the best experiences from your childhood with your children.  When you have a child with a disability, you have to accept the fact that sometimes it’s just not possible.  We don’t really ever like that to happen so if we can’t do it all together, we tend not to do it at all, meaning I didn’t think I would be able to take my family on an activity holiday.

Calvert Trust Kielder is a really special place.  It’s full of fun and excitement, but it’s really safe and relaxed at the same time.  When Alissa tried out the zipwire for the first time, at the age of four, I couldn’t hold back my tears when I saw her face just beaming with joy. You wouldn't imagine that in this day and age of Health and Safety you would ever be allowed to hoist a wheelchair to the top of a tower and fling a child who can't walk, down a really long zipwire, but…YOU CAN, and it’s totally safe!  For parents of disabled children, it’s a hugely emotional experience, especially the first time, not because you are scared for them, but because you never dreamed you would ever see your child do something like this.

I really enjoy meeting the other guests and chatting with adults with disabilities; watching them enjoy themselves and be independent makes me far less scared for our daughter’s future. I love that she gets to see role models she can relate to, so the beauty of Calvert Trust Kielder goes far beyond just the activities and scenery in my mind. We are so proud of our family; we conquered challenges and loved every minute.”

You can read more about Mrs Madhouse and her stay here or to donate to our Appeal please visit our JustGiving Page.

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