PART 2: WHEN THE MAGIC HAPPENS. The Amazing Story of "The Gallery Corridor” at Calvert Kielder / Calvert Trust Kielder.

February 06, 2018

With the budget in place, the determination to change and the will to do something amazing, the project team tasked to redevelop the small, 5 room corridor at the back of the Main Building at Calvert Trust Kielder / Calvert Kielder began to plan in detail at the end of 2017.

News of the project travelled to local interior designer, artist and illustrator, Anne Curtis. Anne is a good friend of one of the project team, plus as a finalist from Channel 4’s “The Great Interior Design Challenge”, she reached the last 4 designers in the competition from over 6,000 entrants in 2016.

Anne met the Calvert team and saw the rooms. It was a big challenge! The budget was not large. Anne had a business to run. And the Calvert team wanted something to happen quite quickly.

For the Love of the Project

The team bonded, the ideas flowed and the enthusiasm increased to new highs. Eventually, Anne was kind enough to offer her professional support for the project at no cost. Anne took the project over and led.

Storyboarding, mood boards, detailed costings, shopping lists and lengthy discussions soon followed. For the love of the project, the team pulled together and followed Anne. Anne’s vision was put in place, the visuals were approved by the Calvert leadership, purchases were made and tradespeople were booked.

Greg Davies, highly recommended, experienced, Dulux approved Newcastle based painter and decorator agreed to support the project for a full week, again at no cost. Greg did an amazing job, staying close to Anne’s scheme, sleeping on-site away from his family and working 10 hour days. The results were amazing.

But Anne was not totally happy. She wanted more. Look out for PART 3 – coming soon.

To enquire about being one of the first guests to ever stay in one of 5 twin rooms in our brand new “The Gallery Corridor” refurbishment, please call +44 (0)1434 250 232, 7 days a week from 9am to 5pm or email

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