Are you a Whisky Know Nothing or a Whisky Know it All

February 07, 2018

The Calvert Trust Whisky Club was born out of a passion for malt whisky and a desire to try many varieties from all regions, areas and countries without any preconceived ideas. Kevin and Joe, our Whisky aficionados, follow a simple mantra when it comes to whisky if they like it, they like it no matter who distilled it or what country it came come from.

They have now decided to pool their knowledge and make it available to fellow whisky drinkers. If you are at our bar and would like to try 'the water of life',  you can borrow the Whisky Mantra and look through not only the Whisky Distiller's notes but Kevin and Joe's take as well.

Whether you are a Whisky know nothing or a Whisky know it all, this book will certainly show you the path to a pleasant and interesting tasting session.

Keep an eye on our blog to read about the whiskies the boys decided to showcase.

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