Kate's Respite Stay - Part 4

September 11, 2017

Over the last few weeks we have been following Kate's stay with us, from the highs to the lows her blog's have been honest and enlighting. Here are Kate's best bits of staying at Calvert Trust Kielder.

Best Bits

Narrowing down my best bits has been the hardest part of writing this, because I truthfully have had the time of my life. I've enjoyed it ever so much (okay, minus the boat) and really would recommend it to anyone looking or needing respite care.
One of my best bits is simply the location. It's breathtakingly beautiful being amongst the wildlife, trees, fresh air and by the reservoir.
I loved having carers around me who were not only just good at their job, but also love their job. I loved the other guests. For example, one of the girls who was profoundly disabled saw me crying secretly in the corner to my mum on the phone and next thing I know she's parked her wheelchair next to mine and she's holding my hand.
One guest was deaf and the whole week was like a massive game of charades and he laughed as the one thing I told him I could sign was chocolate cake so every time he saw me he thought I was hilarious.
I learnt to communicate with a guest who was none verbal which was so rewarding and I never thought I would be able to do.
 I gained friends there and especially have to say that I laughed every minute I was with Rachael & Julie especially, so I'm so lucky to have been sponsored with such an inspirational family.
I loved the kingswing and the zip wire at the centre, the adrenalin is a feeling I thrive on. I also loved going for walks and more relaxed craft sessions.
I stayed away from home and not just survived, I actually enjoyed it. I managed to get the right balance for me of rest and stimulation, which I can't even do myself at home, and I think that was probably my biggest achievement. I
 was looked after so well, I had a laugh with the staff and guest so my week was really enjoyable.

Thank you

Of course, I can't leave this post without a thank you. A huge thank you to Rosedale Leasing for doing all the amazing fundraising so that I was able to be sponsored for a place this year. A special thank you to Rachael from the team who does have a caring role to do outside of work and therefore was brilliant with me when we were away.
A big thank you to Calvert Trust Kielder, in particular Charlotte who put me forward for the nomination for the scholarship, as I've had the most amazing time.
The carers, activity staff and caterers have taken such good care of me over the week and I don't think the word 'thank you' does enough justice. But from the bottom of my heart, the opportunity I have been given to have a week of something to do for me, and for my parents to have some time to themselves (although poor mum was poorly bless her!), we will always be grateful for.

Kate x
Kate and Julie were given the opportunity to come for a week's respite thanks to all the hard work of Rosedale Leasing, their support of Calvert Trust Kielder and fundraising efforts have not only given two guests an opportunity for a stay but has helped Calvert Trust Kielder continue their work of Challenging Disability Through outdoor activities.
if you would like to support Rosedale Leasing please visit their JustGiving Page.
To donate to Calvert Trust Kielder Please click Here.
To read Kate's full Blog and find out more about her adventures please click Here.

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