Welcome to the all new Calvert Kielder and Calvert Trust Kielder Blog

October 01, 2017

There are so many amazing things we just don't tell people about Calvert Kielder and Calvert Trust Kielder… so our brand new blog aims to put that right.

Calvert Kielder is open to all. We love giving our guests time-out and the opportunity to access a range of inspiring and increasingly challenging experiences and activities - from the serene to the scintillating.

Calvert Trust Kielder is respected globally as a leading provider of outdoor experiences for disabled people.

Here is what you will find here at this blog:

ACTIVITIES SPOTLIGHT: Stories about our outdoor and indoor activities, by the amazing people that experience them.
BEHIND THE SCENES: Meet the team, see how we develop and maintain our outdoor activities, see how our kitchens work, learn how we look after our wonderful wildlife, see how our Trust raises money to help those that need it most and so much more.
FUNDRAISING EVENTS & ACTIVITIES: Find out about Calvert Trust Kielder Annual Ball, Parachute Jumps, Sponsored Walks, The Great North Run, Golf Days and more. Learn how to get involved, too!
IN THE KNOW: Read outdoor activity and leisure insider knowledge and opinion. See how we stay ahead of the game.
PRESS & MEDIA: Calvert Kielder and Calvert Trust Kielder chat and coverage out there in media land.
SPECIAL OFFERS: From time to time, the best gets even better when we have free places for group members, money-off opportunities and more.
VISITOR STORIES: See how our visitors describe their time with us.
WHAT’S ON: All-year-round unmissable events and activities for all our visitors. Motorboat Cruises, Dark Skies Adventures, Kids Creepy-Crawlie experiences, Activity Drop-in Days and much more.
WHY NOT?: Learn how our Calvert Kielder and Calvert Trust Kielder visitors have taken a challenge and achieved so much more than they thought they could – whether scaling the mighty High Ropes, scoring high in archery or simply managing to ‘switch off’ and recharge.

We really hope that our relaxed, ‘magazine’ approach to blogging makes us a great read. Please do call by often as things change every single day. Follow us on our brand new and upgraded Instagram, Facebook and Twitter too.

See you again soon.

Charlotte, Calvert Kielder and Calvert Trust Kielder.

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