Surviving your child's diagnosis

August 07, 2018

Nabanita Sen Bekkers received her daughter's diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy when she was one year old, accepting the diagnosis was tough but to then cope with friends, family and strangers was another battle altogether.

Whilst Nabanita spent a year of 'fakebooking' and denial, her daughter thrived and grew into a happy and excitable child with a great sense of life and adventure. Following her daughter's example, Nabanita accepted the diagnosis and began an Instagram page.

She says 'It began as a way to document our incredible journey. Soon enough, our followers started increasing. Through this account, we started advocating for inclusive fashion. We wanted to show that you can be fabulously cool, brave and happy in a walker just as without it.'

To read Nabanita's full story - click here.

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