The Perfect wedding gift

May 22, 2018

Your wedding day is a day of love, friendship and family. A time to show your love and commitment.

However, now that more and more couples live together before their big day, they no longer need or want the wedding gifts, that were traditionally used to help set up a home.

More and more couples are now deciding that instead of wedding gifts a donation to charity would be much better placed. Even Meghan and Harry requested that guests and well wishes donate to charity rather than supply them with a gift.

If you would like to set up a wedding gift page in honour of your big day for Calvert Trust Kielder than visit our JustGiving page or click here for more details on how to set up a donation page.

Not only will you have a lovely memory of your special day, so to will Calvert Trust Kielder and the disabled  people you support.  Thank You.

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