Sky Badger - Finding Help for Disabled Children and their Families

March 05, 2018

Sky Badger is a great award winning digital charity with a website full of information and stories aimed to help everyone who visits it.

Sky Badger website was designed and created by Naomi Marek to help families travel the constantly changing and tricky path of disability. Naomi's son Max was diagnosed with Autism and Epilepsy at the age of six and Naomi found herself without a way to quickly find the information she needed while dealing with an abundance of hospital appointments, school and financial worries.

After joining a club for children with disabilities, Naomi started talking with other mums and between them, they started a Facebook page sharing local information. From here the idea of Sky Badger began with the help of Max who created the superhero, Sky Badger!

The site not only helps families but teachers and social workers, to find information on financial and social issues, and legal help. Its pages include medical information, disabled adaptations, sensory toys, holidays, clubs and sibling groups.

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