The Gallery Corridor

February 19, 2018

For over 30 years, Calvert Trust Kielder has looked after individuals, friends, families, schools and businesses that have visited them for superb residential or non-residential breaks, normally with outdoor experiences bolted on. These outdoor experiences include archery, laser-clay shooting, indoor and outdoor climbing, zip-wire and the famous king swing.

Many of our visitors have had a link to disability as one or more of their party faced challenges that they and Calvert Trust Kielder overcame together. Increasingly, however, visitors to the popular Calvert Trust Kielder have no connection to disability, and so in 2017, the parallelCalvert Kielder brand was born.

Fully accessible “The Gallery Corridor”, the brainchild of TV Interior Designer Anne Curtis is available under both brands – Calvert Trust Kielder and Calvert Kielder.

In the Beginning

A team was created to give the former Corridor Three a much needed revitalise. Working closely together the project gained the attention of Anne Curtis, a finalist on Channel 4's "The Great Interior Design project". With Anne on board and a budget agreed progress began to be made.

When the Magic Happens

Storyboarding, mood boards, detailed costings, shopping lists and lengthy discussions followed.  Anne’s vision was put in place, the visuals were approved by the Calvert leadership, purchases were made and tradespeople were booked.

Greg Davies, highly recommended, experienced, Dulux approved Newcastle based painter and decorator agreed to support the project for a full week, again at no cost. Greg did an amazing job, staying close to Anne’s scheme, sleeping on-site away from his family and working 10 hour days. The results were amazing.

From Good To Great

As the ideas and concepts came together Anne decided to push her creative mind further and created The Gallery Corridor,  Anne’s concept was a unique one. To wake up in a gallery. To go to sleep in a gallery. To experience the art as you sat chatting with your partner – actually in your room – whilst making a cup of tea. And so the idea of displaying Mike Collier's prestigious work not just in The Gallery Corridor but in the rooms as well was born.

The Reveal

With everything set and in place the rooms were opened to the public and media and the response has been outstanding. the team created a brilliant, warm and comfortable space that mixes luxury with art in a unique and diverse way.

To enquire about being one of the first guests to ever stay in one of 5 twin rooms in our brand new “The Gallery Corridor” refurbishment, please call +44 (0)1434 250 232, 7 days a week from 9am to 5pm or email

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