PART 3: FROM GOOD TO GREAT. The Amazing Story of "The Gallery Corridor” at Calvert Kielder / Calvert Trust Kielder.

February 11, 2018

For over 30 years, Calvert Trust Kielder has looked after individuals, friends, families, schools and businesses that have visited them for superb residential or non-residential breaks, normally with outdoor experiences bolted on. These outdoor experiences include archery, laser-clay shooting, indoor and outdoor climbing, zip-wire and the famous king swing. Many of our visitors have had a link to disability as one or more of their party faced challenges that they and Calvert Trust Kielder overcame together. Increasingly however, visitors to the popular Calvert Trust Kielder have no connection to disability, and so in 2017 the parallel Calvert Kielder brand was born.

Fully accessible “The Gallery Corridor”, the brainchild of TV Interior Designer Anne Curtis is available under both brands – Calvert Trust Kielder and Calvert Kielder. And as you will have read in PART 2 of "The Amazing Story of "The Gallery Corridor” at Calvert Kielder Calvert Trust Kielder” - even after Anne had her amazing new scheme approved she wanted to keep innovating.

Sleeping in a Gallery. 24/7 Art. An Immersive Experience. Is That Even Possible?

During a planning meeting in December 2017, Anne mentioned a contact of hers – internationally recognised artist Mike Collier. The idea was tabled that we should display some of Mike’s work, if he was willing of course, in the corridor by the rooms. Mike’s work has toured the UK and the world – so it was a big ask.

Anne discussed this with Mike and after a little negotiation, the deal was done. But in a way that no one had anticipated.

Anne’s concept was a unique one. Anne wondered what it would be like to be in a gallery 24/4. To wake up in a gallery. To go to sleep in a gallery. To experience the art as you sat chatting with your partner – actually in your room – whilst making a cup of tea. And so the idea of displaying Mike’s prestigious work not just in The Gallery Corridor but in the rooms as well was born.

Introducing: The Gallery Corridor.

The Gallery Corridor was approved in late 2017 and a special Launch Event and Media Event took place on Wednesday 31st January 2018. 10 pieces of Mike Collier's artwork are displayed in “The Gallery Corridor.” All of the artwork is Limited Edition prints and are available to buy from £400. Around 25% of any purchase goes directly to Calvert Trust Kielder. Each year, a new artist will be chosen to exhibit.

Also available will be personally signed copies of Mike Collier’s excellent Limited Edition hard-backed book, which contains many of the pieces on display in "The Gallery Corridor” - GHOSTS OF THE RESTLESS SHORE. We will let you know how to get a copy soon, though one will be available to preview on the actual corridor.

Look out for PART 4 of our story, THE REVEAL where we invite you to take a look at the Launch Event, The Media Event, The Gallery Corridor and the five twin rooms. Please sign up for our newsletter on this page to be reminded:

To enquire about being one of the first guests to ever stay in one of 5 twin rooms in our brand new “The Gallery Corridor” refurbishment, please call +44 (0)1434 250 232, 7 days a week from 9am to 5pm or email

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