A stay in the SkyDen

February 17, 2018

Mat Holt recently stay in our SkyDen and has kindly shared his pictures with us. The weekend Mat stayed was bright, cold and full of snow.

During their stay, they were able to open the SkyDen's roof to view the Dark Skies and saw a lot of our local wildlife including Deer and robins.

We have loved looking through all his pictures and hope that you enjoy them too.

Mat said of his stay "We loved our stay.... and really want to return".

SkyDen is most famous for its whole-opening roof which allows stargazing amongst the UK’s darkest skies from the comfort of your own bed. SkyDen is a pet-friendly, 4-berth indoor/outdoor fusion complete with balcony and wood-burning stove.

To find out more and to book your stay please visit our website.

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