Michael and Respite

October 11, 2017

Michael has been a regular respite guest at Calvert Trust Kielder, that comes three times a year and enjoys not just Respite but our themed weeks as well, including Under 35 week and Go Wild week.

Michael always enjoys his stays and would receives the fun, rest and confidence boost he wants. Some of the most memorable times for Michael has been learning how search and rescue dogs were trained and conquering his fear of heights by making to the top the climbing wall.

Michael loves his time at Calvert Trust Kielder so much so, that he has set up a YouTube page dedicated to his time there and all the activities he got to take part in.

But it is not just the activities that made his time so great, Michael rates the Staff at Calvert Trust Kielder as more like friends then carers because of their ability to help and care whilst connecting with each guest on a one-to-one basis.

If you would like to find out more about our Respite Care, then please call 01434 250 232.

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