Kate's respite Stay - Part 3

September 04, 2017

During our previous Blogs, Kate has written about her journey up to Kielder and her first two days. In Part three Kate discusses her dietary requirements and the food she had during her stay and the activities she took part in.

Wednesday - The gang were out on the golf buggies this morning which I was gutted I missed out on but I know my body needed the rest.
Instead, I caused havoc with one of the carers for half an hour late morning planning the meals. I have a really restricted diet, having a digestive system which doesn't function, so we were trying to wind the chef up.
Now, the chef makes the most gorgeous, home cooked meals every day and did everything to cater for me, and, provide variety. But, today his life was made hard. We decided to ask for homemade gluten and diary free profiteroles (with 4h notice) for pudding and an eggless omelette. We could've been there all day causing chaos in the kitchen but it definitely put my morning off to a good start.
I was totally ready for this afternoons activity - the Kingswing! It's basically a giant swing which you are attached to and you fly around. My favourite bit was actually watching Rachael scream after getting about 2m off the ground and everyone else being 10 times the height and not flinching. I love a good adrenalin rush though and really enjoyed that.
 I came back in early and had a rest as I knew I wanted to take part in the arts & crafts night. We painted piggy banks and it was so lovely seeing such a wide range of people all laughing and having fun painting!

Thursday - I laid on the sofas in the lounge this morning whilst the group went geocaching. I was so tired so I was pretty glad it was quiet around. I didn't fancy this afternoon's activity (sailing - I aint going back on a boat!)

so my lovely carers took me on a walk round the reservoir. Rachael and another guest joined, the whole of the reservoir is surprisingly accessible with lots of pieces of artwork and I got my first proper geogache! I waited too long before asking to turn back today so by the time we got back to the centre I was absolutely exhausted.

Unfortunately, then I fainted on the bed and then started having my panic + seizure. My legs spasmed and it shook me a lot. Stupidly, because I heard other alarms going, I waited about 15 minuted before pulling mine so I didn't do myself any favours. My feet curl in spasm when I seize so I sprained that but otherwise I was ok. I just wanted to get up to phone my mum (as I got no signal in my room) and then go to bed. I missed out on quiz night but the care team kept a good check on me.

Friday - Last day :( I got up at a reasonable time because today was my last morning. I had a go on the zip wire which was lots of fun then went back in to put my legs up before lunch. After lunch, I said bye to the group and took the bus home.

An incredible trip and I honestly will never forget what an amazing time I had!

Kate loved her time as a respite guest and was able to learn independence and when to ask for help. and whilst she has tried to include everything about her stay there were some things she had to miss out otherwise she would have been writing for weeks. In Kate's next Blog, Kate's Respite Stay - Part 4 she writes about her best bits!

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