Freddie's Adventure Day

September 06, 2017

Freddie Barton, from Slough, was up visiting his Auntie and Uncle in August and visited Calvert Kielder on a Family Adventure Ticket. Freddie, who is 8 years old, has been planning this trip for months and was excited to finally be going on the High Ropes course.

First up on Freddie's adventure day was the King Swing, and he was off to a bit of a rocky start. Unsure about the swing, Freddie decided it was best to send his Uncle up first for a test run. Before allowing himself and Auntie to be harnessed up and dropped from a lower height. Deciding that the motion was not for him, Freddie was much happier back on the ground, pulling his Auntie to the very top.

After the excitement (and motion sickness) of the King Swing, Freddie then took on his next adventure of Archery. Watching other guests go first, Freddie took the time to work out how he planned to shoot and what target he wanted to go for. When it was his turn, Freddie took the bow and arrow, and whilst his Uncle aimed to high and missed, Freddie not only hit the board but got near the bulls eye too. Getting more confident, as the Archery session progressed, the brilliant activity staff put up bottles and competed with Freddie to see who could hit them first. He loved it!

After an amazing lunch, with a great amount of choice and variety, it was time for the main event - the High Ropes, the whole reason we had come up for the day. To say that Auntie and Uncle were nervous would be an understatement but Freddie could not wait.

We joined another family, got harnessed and helmeted up and then off we went with our instructor Dave. At the High Ropes, Dave talked us through each obstacle before allowing us to one by one climb to the top. Once again, Freddie decided that his Uncle should go first, so to the top he went, next was Freddie and although he started to freeze and become unsure, he got himself to the top!

Once there, there was no turning back, so with a lot of in trepidation Freddie worked his way around the different obstacles, helped by his Auntie and Uncle. At the swing steps, Freddie was unsure how to handle the obstacle and was encouraged and helped by the fantastic Dave, who knew exactly how to help.

The last obstacle was by far, the most exciting and terrifying, the fan drop. After watching, his Uncle step off the rope course and glide to the floor, all of Freddie's confidence left him, but Dave was on hand and was so calm and great, there was no rush, no pushing no 'You Must'. Dave explained everything to Freddie, how the machine worked, helping and encouraging him, that Freddie stepped off the ledge and loved every moment of it! So much so, that he asked to go again!

To escape the rain that decided to start to fall, we moved to our last activity of the day - the indoor climbing wall. Now full of confidence and feeling invincible, Freddie conquered the first wall in no time and with the help of Dave and Jayne worked his way steadily through the different levels, zooming up each on to ring the victory bell and buzzer's.

We had a great day up at Calvert Kielder, it was so great watching Freddie achieve what he thought was impossible and to see our nephew come away with such confidence and pride of his achievements was one of the best feelings. So whilst, Auntie and Uncle were exhausted from such a full packed day, Freddie simply wanted to do it all again and has already started planning his next trip up!

A family adventure ticket costs £150, and is for 2 adults and up to 3 children. Lunch and activities are all included - to find out more call 01434 250232.

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