Jennifer's First ever King Swing

August 30, 2017

Jennifer has never been to Calvert Trust Kielder and before she decided to book a full weeks stay came to visit us, and give us a test run.

Jennifer brought two carers with her, and decided to fill her day with the King Swing and Swimming pool.

Jennifer has Cerebral Palsy and is deaf. She is disabled with limited movement, but that didn't stop her from daring to tackle our 3G King

Whilst waiting for the swing, Jennifer was able to watch Emily, a regular at Calvert Trust Kielder be hoisted up to the swing before flying from a height of 30 ft.

Jennifer was given a private space to have the harness fitted before coming down to the King Swing, from here the specially adapted harness was raised to the Swing and secured on.

Jennifer, was then joined by one of her carers as they went up half way, for their first swing. Jennifer's beaming smile after this first adventure, lead to both being pulled to the top of the swing for their second go! Another great smile and a third go requested.

Jennifer loved the King Swing and the freedom and adrenaline it gave her.

Jennifer's carer said of the King Swing 'I was so surprised about how comfortable Jennifer was in the harness, she was calm and relaxed and well supported. Jennifer was smiling throughout the Swing and it was great to see her so happy'.

Jennifer loved her day at Calvert Trust Kielder and if you would like to try our activities then contact our Team on 01434 250232.

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