Straker turns a one day break into two for Hannah and Steve

July 18, 2017

In May 2017 Michael, wife Lisa and one-year old daughter Izzy Willow stayed for four nights in Calvert Kielder’s VIP Forest Chalet, Straker. They were joined on day two by friends Hannah and Steve and their one-year old daughter Pip.

“Hannah and Steve were going to stay with us for one night.” Mentions Michael. "But they loved Straker so much they booked an extra day off work and stayed for two!”

Straker really is unique. It is a huge 6-berth Forest Cabin designed and built with strong Scandinavian influences. Contemporary and spacious, its packed with technology too.

“The outdoor hot-tub was a draw I had to admit” says Lisa. “But it was the view that blew me away the most. Straker has one aspect that is literally a wall of glass. It spans the width of the building and is high enough that the view is fully visible over two floors; the ground floor and the telescope mezzanine. Amazing. And the view is unaffected. We could see SkyDen and some to the Cozy Chalets down below… but that was it. After that it was just miles and miles of trees and sky.”

So be careful! However long you plan to stay at Calvert Kielder, just like Hannah and Steve you are very likely to end up wanting more.

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